meditation brings peace
Meditation means to reach the seventh stage of Ashtang yoga. This is the stage of bliss and merriment. Happiness and sorrow reside within our minds. It is by using our minds that we have been able to achieve great wonders that we have been able to achieve great wonders that today constitute modern civilizations. 
Meditation is an effective technique for directing our destructive minds towards constructive activities. It is the moderator that converts the devastating atom bomb into the creative atomic reactor. The immense energy generated by the atom bomb destroys like a river in flood but the controlled release of power in the atomic reactor is like a well dammed river that helps us to irrigate land and generate electricity. 
According to the Chambers Dictionary 'Meditation' is derived from the Latin word 'Mediatory' cognate with the Latin root mederi, meaning to heal. Hence meditation is the science of healing in its origin. 

What is the proper time of meditation ?
The time of meditation must be selected as per person's convenience.However, 4'O clock in the morning is the most suitable and beneficial.

Does meditation help us in stress relieving ?
Yes, Of course. In this pose, we sit at a very calm position of body under peaceful surrounding, concentrate on our breathe-in-and-breathe-out while no thought strike into our mind, till few minutes or more depending upon our age ( e.g. if one is 20 years old, one can meditate upto 20 minutes).
A relation with Endorphins
Meditation: When our bodies are in a relaxed state, as with meditation, this triggers the outflow of endorphins. It’s easy to do and is free-of-charge. Just close your eyes and concentrate solely on your breath going in and out in a slow and rhythmic process. Meditation also increases blood flow, slows heart rate, and decreases muscle tension. Although it may be next to impossible for most little ones to try this, older kids and teens can benefit.