health awareness for kids

A concern 

The most crucial phase of a child’s growing years is 2 to 10 years of age. A child’s growth reflects his/her overall health. Fussy eating habits, sickness, inadequate nutrition and stress may affect your child’s growth and development. There should be a provision to fill in the dietary gaps in children's diets. 

Watching TV Reduces Children's Language Skills

Watching TV is likely to set back the development of language skills among children, says a new study."We've known that television exposure during infancy is associated with language delays and attentional problems, but so far it has remained unclear why," said Christakis.
"This study is the first to demonstrate that when the television is on, there is reduced speech in the home. Infants vocalize less and their care givers also speak to them more infrequently."
The study looked at infants aged two months to four years old; a total of 329 children were studied. The children wore a small, business card-sized, two ounce digital recorder on random days monthly for up to two years.
A specially designed vest with a chest pocket held the recorders at a specific distance from the mouth, and captured everything the child said and also heard during continuous 12 to 16 hour periods. The study found that each additional hour of TV was also associated with a decrease of 770 words the child heard from an adult during the recording session.
This represented a seven percent decrease in words heard, on average. There were significant reductions in both adult female and male word counts. From 500 to 1,000 fewer adult words were spoken per hour of TV, said an U-W release.
"Adults typically utter approximately 941 words per hour. Our study found that adult words are almost completely eliminated when television is audible to the child," added Christaki

Active Games Good For Kids
Children playing active video games do burn calories, but the games are not a substitute for sports, U.S. researchers say.Compared to watching television, the calories burned while gaming or walking increased two- to three-fold. 
 WHO recommends 60 mins in outdoor activities by kids daily.

Add Humor in your life :

Have a good laugh. It boosts your immune system, reduce levels of stress, stimulates good hormones, eliminate depression, keeps & feels you young, brings glow on your face, helps you think more clearly.*
Jokes  :
1. How can you bring the stars in the sky on earth?
Simple, go to a lake during night & see the reflection.
2. Two ghosts sitting over the branch of a tree discussing about their world, at the same time two persons visited.
One ghost: Do you think human life also exists?
Another one: Are you mad? It is just your thinking; there is no human life in this planet.

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