a way of life with Yoga

The pace of life particularly in cities is speeding up and modern technology has helped to change it into something our bodies were not designed for. 
That is why many of us live in constant state of mental tension and distress ; and that is why doctors prescribe millions of antidepressants, sleeping tablets a year.
Yoga is a philosophy for life and, as such, it can enhance religious beliefs or perhaps persuade you to allow your own particular god to enter your awakened soul. Philosophy is not an intellectual science but the very act of living life to the full.

key aspects of Yoga :
  • Discipline- We have natural inner strength. Try to remember this though the good and bad times, harnessing this inner energy.
  • Intelligence- Thought alone can't necessarily solve problems, but observation and acting upon natural instincts or intuition without undue delay can.
  • Love- Personal experience of suffering can provide you with inner strength and greater love and compassion for others.
  • Positiveness- Live in the present, thinking of problems as possible opportunities and acting upon them.

Precautions :
If you have deformed or damaged limbs, never strain to attain a posture. Your body will move when it is ready. In case, high blood pressure/heart conditions/weak eye capillaries/detached retina, do not do the inverted( upside down) exercises.
The word 'yog' comes from 'Yuj' root in Sanskrit which means 'Union'.Mahershi Patanjali, the author of this system, interpreted Yoga to mean the act of ' fixing or concentrating the mind in abstract meditation.'
Yoga,in essence it is a specific way, a manner of living. 'Yoga' tells us how to think, behave and grow to our fullest maturity.'Yoga' provides us with procedures that consistently help us in every area of our life.
Yoga as education -It is the discipline of the body and mind & in that sense it is education because education leads to discipline.
The Yoga educated person, whether an adult or a child, is considered an individual who lives in a balanced state of mind,body and soul.
Different postures adopted during the exercises are called asanas.

Benefits of Yoga :
In yogic exercises, there is harmonious development of all the muscles of body, internal organ, nerves and the frame.
It improves general health and efficiency of body
Yogic exercises help stiff muscles to regain their elasticity and improves joint
mobility even in an old age.
The three important organs viz. heart,lungs and brain with its cerebrospinal system, are kept in a healthy condition by regular practice of yoga exercises.
Yoga exercises help control obesity by removing excess fat.
Yoga exercises control body weight
Blood pressure is normalized
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