Calisthenics body workout

What is Calisthenics ?

Calisthenics is an exercise that focuses on improved movement, fitness and strength. You can do it anywhere, anytime and it doesn't require equipment, benches or weight racks. Calisthenics means both cardio and resistance training session.

Benefits :
  • More Flexibility than weight training 
  • Time efficiency, no need to travel or wait to workout 
  • Greater affordability
  • Good practice for beginners
  • Able to lift your own bodyweight than trying weightlifting 
Exercises involved in Calisthenics :
  • Pushups in their many forms, including pike and handstand variations
  • Bench dips 
  • Chin ups / pull ups
  • Squats, including body weight, jump, shrimp and pistol squats
  • Lunges
  • Russian Leg Curl
  • Burpees
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Plank

India Got Calisthenics (IGC) video :