Communicate a positive self image

Shape up for a healthier life :
looking and feeling good begins on the inside. Whether you are a fashion liberal or a Conservative, the best clothes in the world won't help you look good, if you don't have a well-looked-after body. A regular fitness programme based on exercise, diet and discipline can work wonders for you.

For starters, eat well :
A balanced diet that gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need is important. Eat (or consume by supplementation) fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat food containing more proteins than carbohydrates. Proteins take longer to digest so you get longer periods of energy.

Exercise :
Get a thorough medical check up and work out a fitness programme. Regular exercise will help you lose calories.During night bedtime, to avoid mental stress read a good book. Your cheque book is not the best thing to read in bed.

Take it easy :
for ten to twenty minutes, twice a day, sit in a quiet place, allowing the muscles and mind to relax completely, to take the " relaxation break".

Present a well-groomed look :
In presenting a positive self-image, it's not enough to be well-dressed, you've got to be well groomed too. Well -cut hair, well -cared-for skin, properly shaved face or groomed beard -- these things prove that you understand fully the impact you expect to make.
Grooming means more than just having a shave, shower, brushing your teeth and combing your hair.

Foot care :
Good healthy feet can mean a lot -- improved posture, brisking gait, and an overall feeling of good health. With the large toenail clipper, cut the nails straight across and clean them regularly.

Hands and nails :
Use the nail clipper regularly, at least once a week. But don't clip the corners too deeply. And never cut the cuticles. A professional manicure and pedicure at least once a month is an investment in good looks.

Teeth :
Age and diet can play havoc with your teeth. In addition to regular brushing and six -monthly visits to the Dentist, a low sugar, high fibre diet which includes Vitamin C, B Complex and Calcium is a must.

Skin care :
Keep the skin perfectly clean. Soap is the most common cleansing agent. But whatever soap you use be sure to rinse thoroughly, otherwise your pores will get clogged, causing facial sagging and premature wrinkles.