Health tips from Bhagwat

Hello and welcome dear readers, Let's rediscover the functional ayurvedic concepts of India. The health tips as mentioned here are concluded from Sage ShriBhagwat Sahita and his sutras by his disciple Mr. Rajeev Dixit :

In his first sutra, he mentions : An earthen-pot(mitti ki handi) cooked food has 100% micro nutrients. In other words,Food should be consumed of such a manner that it is exposed to sunlight and natural air.
If we look upon the background of famous entrepreneur Mr.Dhirubhai Ambani, all his family members make use of earthen-pans(mitti ka tawa) to make chappatis. Some sort of skepticism comes here but as a matter of fact, earthen utensils having origin soil is known to be pure and scientific. Our body is originated from soil. Wherever possible, we should minimize refrigeration and do consume refrigerated food item within few hours. Wherever possible, we should also avoid pressure cooker and microwave oven for cooking purposes.

In his second sutra, he mentions : The food just cooked should be immediately consumed within 48 minutes without leaving any of its quantity.
In Jainism, they have dinner around 6pm(early evening). We should follow this routine, avoid late night dinner, arise early and eat heavy breakfast(even fried meal will also be OK). Most of the animals prefer this type of schedule : Heavy breakfast, light lunch and the little dinner. Important : don't send off kids empty stomach to school. Food stuff(solid) is the necessity and milk is not the option. If you don't manage time, serve them fruits as a good substitute.

In his third sutra, he mentions : The Wheat bread/chappati flour should be consumed within 15 days. Jwar/Bajra/Makki chappatis flour should be consumed within 7 days.

In his fourth sutra, he mentions : Do not stop physical exercises unless you reach 60 years of age. A teenager after reaching 18 years of age should start his/her physical labor and increase year by year. After 60 years of age the physical exercise should decline gradually. For the kids and teenagers below 18, the outdoor games and sports are sufficient for them. There is no way to lose weight through gymnasium exercises. Indian wheat grinding machine (chakki / silbatta) is manually operated and it helps losing weight a lot. Nowadays, we can dedicate 15 minutes(esp. in morning) to this type of exercise which is sufficient for our physical labor as well.

In his fifth sutra, he mentions : adapt to the local region(in case settled in another place)  according to its atmosphere(or abo-hawa ya tasir) if it does not adversely affect you.
In India, we should prefer brisk walking over running in morning time.


1. In Ayurveda, the patient who is ill can well understand the profession of doctorate. We can easily detect 85% of disorders in our body that we can avoid without physician.

2. Identify the food that you eat and know the anatomy of human body, you will thus able to treat the illness.
Avoid refined oil and double refined oil. Non-refined oil contains appropriate amount of protein and fat. Prefer 'Ghee' from Cow origin esp. for householders. Eat jaggery(gud/raab) esp. of dark chocolate color. It has a property of universal digestibility.
Never ever consume milk alongwith jaggery(gud). But consume it with yogurt(dahi).

3. How to loose weight with natural remedies?
Eat handful of jaggery(gud), sesamum(esp. black til) and peanuts. They are alkaline in chemical nature and help lower the acid concentration in stomach.
Indian wheat grinding machine(chakki) is maually operated and it helps losing weight a lot.
Eat 'trifala' in morning time(avoid in night time). Continue its usage for 3 months till break(of 15-20 days), and again continue for 3 months likewise. Eat 'amala'(indian gooseberry) in 3-4 servings.
All these things should be prepared at home.

4. For mental peace and harmony, always enchant hymns and prayers before taking breakfast. I prefer enchanting 'Gayatri Mantra.'

5. How to overcome the stomach sufferings?
Focus on the food you digest, not on the food.
In his sutra, he mentions : "bhojanante visham wari." It means at the end of meal, don't drink water as it creates toxicity. We should consume water one-and-half hours later. Instead, we can consume fresh buttermilk(chach/mattha/takram) esp. after lunch. Hence, consume fresh fruit juice after breakfast and milk after dinner applicable for all age groups. 
Do not consume two opposite natured food items(e.g. icecream over dinner) as they are enemies of each others. Consume 'trifala' in night time in little amount alongwith milk/lukewarm water.

6. How to drink water?
In his ideologies, he suggests : drinking hot milk/tea sip-by-sip, water should be drunk likewise.
Do not waste your saliva by spitting chewed tobaccos/pan masalas,etc.
Do not drink coldwater. Drink water according to room temperature.
Drink water with unbrushed mouth early morning(logic is in early morning, our saliva has great medicinal properties).
Vessel used for drinking purpose should be made of copper. Continue its usage for 3 months till break(of 15-20 days), and again continue for 3 months likewise.

Water should be consumed in 24 hours according to following algorithm :
step 1 : divide your weight(in kg) by 10
step 2 : subtract 2 from the value so obtained
step 3 : this result determines the healthy quantity of water intake(in L) approx.

DOs :

Do take a nap of 20-40 minutes after lunch.

Do 'Vajrasana' after eating meal.

Sleep in such a manner that your head face East or South direction.


Never chew Pan with beetle nut(supari) and catechu(katha) embedded in it.

Never ever use aluminum utensils for eating meals. It is one of the causes of tuberculosis,asthma,etc. Pack the eatables in pure cotton cloth(thinnest one) instead of aluminum foil while travelling.

Never face your head towards North direction while sleeping.

Never eat jaggery(gud) of white color.