Importance of Health Insurance

Why Health Insurance? 

Hospitals are providing latest medical facilities and state-of-art infrastructure, for that patients are also charged high amount and medical bills.

Health Insurance thus serves as fast emerging alternate source for financing health care costs. It also takes care of your savings that should not be affected with medical expenses.  

Expenses covered under health insurance :

  • Cost of room/bed
  • Boarding expenses 
  • Nursing expenses
  • Doctor's fees
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Operation theatre charges
  • Other appliances charges

Impact of sum assured in the age bracket : 

Let us say for age group of 25-40 years the insurer may offer a sum insured of 10lacs or higher and for age group of 3 months to 5 years it could be 2 lacs.

So, which health insurance should one purchase as there are so many in market?

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Some videos to help you understand better :