Tips To Ensure Safety

Safety On The Street :

Safety on the street is a growing concern among people, with an increasing number of vehicles and high speed rash driving. The following instructions are aimed at increasing safety on the street for common people. Following these instructions will help you increase Safety On The Street and avoid dangerous situations.

Ensure Your Safety On The Street:

The following steps are aimed at increasing your safety on the street. These points have been tested and proven to increase the safety on the street. Follow these steps and ensure your safety on the street, especially at night :

  • Make sure all the doors and windows are properly bolted and secured when you leave the house. This includes your garage also.

The same is true in case of your vehicle too. Make sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving the car.

  • When you are walking, walk with confidence, with your head up, and in an orderly manner. Avoid the confused or disoriented look on your face. A confident look will increase your safety on the street. If you are lost, reach a well lighted public place immediately and ask for assistance.

  • Keep your eyes open for suspicious people and avoid carrying large sum of money. Your safety on the street is all upto you.

  • Travel with another person, if possible. This gives a sense of security and 2 people are always better than one. This is especially helpful after dark. More people mean more safety on the street.

  • Whenever carrying a purse, try to carry only 3-4 dollars in it. Larger amounts and credit cards should be tucked away in a coat or pullover, to avoid loss of large amounts of money in case of a robbery or snatching.

  • Always try to travel in well lit and populated areas, especially at night. A dark shady area wont do wonders for your safety on the street.

  • Try to avoid unlit or dim-lit areas at night. Walk in the center of the street and avoid moving about aimlessly.

  • Never hitchhike or take a lift from strangers, and never offer strangers a lift.

  • Walk on that side of the street which is nearest to moving traffic. If a suspicious looking vehicle stops near you, walk in the direction opposite to flow of traffic.

  • When dealing with people asking for directions, be polite in your reply but maintain a safe distance.

  • Men should try and carry another old wallet with them, having a few 1$ bills in them and old, useless credit cards, so that in case of a face off, you can just hand it over to a robber and concentrate on noting his physical features.

  • When you return home, especially at night, avoid hanging around the house for long. Check for mail and newspapers and enter inside your house. If you feel something is awkward or strange, go to a neighbour’s house and ask for assistance.

  • If you feel you are being followed, go to the nearest occupied building/public place and ask for assistance.

  • Avoid wearing expensive, flashy clothes and lots of jewellery on the streets. This will bring you in notice of a lot of people, including the bad guys. Decent clothes increase your safety on the street.

If you are confronted by a robber/snatcher, shout for help. Yelling “FIRE FIRE” will bring much faster response than “HELP HELP”.


Wrapping your purse around your shoulder or neck will prevent snatching.


When your purse will be grabbed by a snatcher, a strong strap will not give in easily. This will result in you being thrown off-balance and probably getting hurt. Not exactly a high point on your safety on the street.
This will merely result in you getting injured or spraining/breaking a few bones here and there. Saving a few dollars is not worth getting stuck up in a hospital for weeks.
Referring to one of the above steps, contents of your purse should be things which you can afford to lose, like a few dollars or a few credit cards, which you can cancel immediately. Don't carry things which you can’t afford to lose, in your purse.