Origami fun

You can learn the art of paper folding, from simple origami figures to how to make an origami monkey to folding origami pistols.
Advanced folders can use the Search function to find a new figure to create, while beginners may want to learn origami folding instructions for a better understanding of origami diagrams. Impress your guests with creative towel origami animals. Keep your kids busy on a cold winter day or rainy summer afternoon with origami for kids.

If you're planning a dinner party and want to make your table extra festive, consider folding the napkins into beautiful origami shapes. Napkin origami adds interest to the table and gives your guests something to talk about during dinner.

Napkin Folding Instructions for Three Shapes

Decorative shapes add flair to your traditional table setting. To create the fabric origami napkin projects, you'll need a standard dinner-sized napkin, a clean folding surface, and an iron. Some experts also feel that spray starch will help you achieve crisp folds and will ensure that your napkin holds its shape.

Napkin Bird of Paradise
This popular napkin fold will add a decorative touch to your place settings and will delight your guests. While it looks very fancy, this napkin origami shape is actually quite simple.

1. Spread the napkin out in front of you with one of the sides facing you. Bring the bottom side up to meet the top side, and crease this fold with your fingers or with an iron. The napkin is now folded in half and has a rectangular shape.
2. Bring the left side of the napkin rectangle over to meet the right side. Crease the fold. The napkin should be in the shape of a square.
3. Turn the napkin so the corner with the most fabric layers is facing you. Bring this corner up to meet the top point. Your napkin is now a triangle, and the longest side is facing you.
4. Find the center point of the longest side of the triangle. Grasp the left corner of the triangle, and fold it down along this center point. Do the same thing with the right corner. Your shape now resembles an upside-down kite.
5. Tuck the two bottom points under the shape to create a triangle. Fold the triangle in half to secure the bottom points.
6. Carefully unfold each layer of the triangle to create a napkin bird of paradise.

Napkin Rosebud
You've probably seen this pretty napkin origami shape in fancy restaurants, but it's very easy to recreate this look at home.

1. Spread the napkin out and orient it so one of the points it facing you. Bring the bottom point up to meet the top point, creating a triangle.
2. Arrange the triangle so the flat side is facing you. Locate the center point along the flat side, and place your finger on this point. Grasp the left corner of the triangle, and bring it up to meet the top point. Repeat the instructions on the right corner. Your shape now resembles a square with a center diagonal line.
3. Place your hand on the folded area, and flip the napkin over. Fold the bottom point three-quarters of the way up. Use and iron to crease this fold.
4. Flip the napkin over again, and tuck one side into the other. Place the rosebud on top of a plate.

Napkin Crown
This variation on the rosebud fold stands up easily on its own, even if you don't use starched napkins. It looks good in a classic white, but it's also beautiful with floral print or brightly colored napkins.

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 for the rosebud fold above, but don't flip the shape over. Instead, fold the bottom point three quarters of the way up.
2. Fold the point back down to meet the bottom of the napkin. If desired, press it with an iron to help it stay in place.
3. Flip the shape over, and tuck one side into the other side. Flip it over again, and fold down the points on either side. This will allow the napkin to stand up easily on the table.

Origami Ninja Weapons

Make origami ninja weapons to show off your skills in making origami weapons. The ninja were, according to YourDictionary, a group of warriors in Japan (part of the feudal class) who were specially trained in stealth. They worked as spies and assassins. Today, many ninja weapons are used in conjunction with martial arts training.

Traditional Ninja Weapons

While many people think that ninja weapons are limited to the origami throwing star, there are actually many more weapons that can be created using paper folding.

Try making one of the following weapons with your paper folding skills:

1. Nunchucks, which are two sticks (usually wooden) with a chain or rope connecting them
2.Throwing knives
3. Bow and arrows
4. Swords, like the tanto and ninjato
5. Blowguns (known as fukiya)
6. Daggers, like the kaiken

The samurai class of warriors in Japan also used many ninja weapons, or weapons similar to ninja weapons. However, ninjas did not wear armor like samurai helmets.

Fold Origami Ninja Weapons

When you fold paper ninja weapons, many of the same tips apply that you put into use making origami things. Use a square sheet of paper (unless otherwise noted), keep creases sharp and practice any difficult folds before you begin. Looking ahead to the next step can also help you when attempting a new weapon design.

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