cyber safety, tips and tricks

Google search tricks
  1. Do a barrel roll : open Google and search - do a barrel roll. The screen will roll out.
  2. ascii art : type it and take a look at Google logo.
  3. z or r twice : same as barrel roll.
  4. zerg rush : This is a game with O's. enjoy the play.
  5. answer to life the universe and everything : This will display the scientific calculator at top of search results.
On cyber safety :

If you got a pop up virus warning on internet. close the window without clicking on any link. Then run a full system scan using legitimate updated antivirus software.

Don't use password or user IDs that include personal information like your birth date or other stuff.

Don't use the same password for multiple sites.

Do change password often about once a month.

In case of suspicion of any threat in your PC, ensure that Restore point is ON 
( for this go to desktop > press F1 key on your keyboard > a window displaying Help and support center will be displayed> go under pick a task > click the link at third number. )

Do bookmark this page ( press 'Ctrl' with one finger and 'D' with another finger) to get latest updates on cyber safety.

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